Matthew James Frey


Matthew-James has been a Level Three colourist along side Gianfranco for over 10 years.  Matthew-James is continuously honing his craft.  He travels the world from Los Angeles to New York to Paris and studies with top colourists so he can provide his clients with an outstanding colour experience.  


Taline Torres


Taline is a Level Three colourist and has been passionate and dedicated for over 20 years when her journey as a colourist originally began with Gianfranco Scavo.  Providing excellence in service, care and attention to her clientele is a priority.


Jessica Perera-Punja


Jessica began her career over 20 years ago working for Gianfranco Scavo straight out of Avola College.  Her journey began as an assistant and she has worked her way to become a successful Level Three colourist.  She loves to learn new up to date techniques, and specializes in blondes.


Debbie Zarogiannis


Debbie began her career with Gianfranco Scavo 18 years ago straight out of hair school and has been with him ever since.  As a Level Three colourist, hair is her passion and she specializes in balayage/ombre, and colour corrections.  She loves to keep her clients engaged on her social media accounts with her transformations.  Debbie is currently on maternity leave awaiting the second addition to her family.  We wish her all the best and look forward to her return.


Mara Gouveia Fernandes


Mara's life revolves around creativity.  As a Level Three colourist, she takes pride in being able to be creative while she works.  She began her career at the age of 16 with Gianfranco Scavo and has never looked back.  From a very young age, she recognized her love for hair and has been focused ever since. 


Alan Ovalles


Level Three


Eden Neway

Level Three

Level Three


Eleonora Lappano


Eleonora started working with the team in 2014 right after getting her hair stylist license and about one year after moving from Italy.  Coming from a very artistic background, Eleonora decided to apply those skills within the hair industry to be able to create art and satisfy her clients at the same time, in an enjoyable environment.


Amelia Sevier


Amelia has been working with the Salon Scavo team since 2015.  She has had the passion and creativity in the art industry since she was a child.  As a Level One colourist, Amelia enjoys being able to apply her artistic ability to colour and extensions using different techniques depending on the client's needs.