Gianfranco Scavo


Salon owner Gianfranco Scavo is passionate about hair, style and exceptional service. Known for creating innovative styles with an honest and attentive approach, Gianfranco knew from an early age he wanted to be a stylist. He remembers being inspired by the buzz and excitement of the salons his father took him to as a young boy and he knew he wanted to be part of that exciting world someday. Gianfranco continues to educate himself on the latest styles, trends and techniques.  He is proud to share his wealth of knowledge and to motivate his team at Salon Scavo. His experience, natural ability and insight into current trends combined with a deep appreciation for client’s needs makes Gianfranco one of Toronto’s premier stylists and business owners.

Akjan Issabaev


As Artistic Director and Manager, Akjan is a creative leader at Salon Scavo.  He has been designing hair for over two and a half decades.  An artist for all his life, he left the Russian Ballet to join Gianfranco Scavo as an assistant and was quickly inspired by the profession.  He has been involved in prestigious hair events around the world and is well known in the beauty industry for his artistic talents and for creating cutting-edge, fashionable styles for his clients.  Akjan's dedication to his craft is obvious and he takes pride in passing on his knowledge and expertise to his fellow team members.  He is passionate about his work and stays on top of all the latest fashion trends and styles to keep his client's look current.  

Daniel Dell'Anno


Daniel has been a Level Three stylist with the team for 14 years.  He worked as a colourist  for 6 years before realizing his true calling was in cutting.  He loves to work on long layers and short pixie cuts.  His clients inspire and drive him to do his ultimate best.  He loves the challenge of bringing their vision to life.

Santo Gradanti


Santo is a Level Three stylist with over 13 years experience, most of that time was spent with Gianfranco and the team.  Exposed to the industry most of his life, Santo thrives on artistic expression and creativity.  His passion and specialty is cutting, styling and up-dos.  He loves to create hair that has movement and texture. Education is important to him as he continues to grow and hone his skills.

Julien Franke


Julien is a Level Two stylist and has been with Salon Scavo since he was 15 years old and never looked back.  He is a passionate stylist and gives his all to cater to his clients needs and wants.  Julien sees each day as a blessing and uses each individual experience to better himself for future and existing clients.  He is "hair" for you!

Eri Hayashi


Eri is a Level Two stylist and has been with the Salon Scavo team since 2014.  She moved to Canada from Japan in 2011 but has been in the beauty industry most of her life.  Her passion is cutting, styling and up-dos.  She is delighted when she sees that her talent makes her clients happy and confident.  Eri strives to improve her skills and loves a good challenge.

Ashley Morrison


Get to know Ashley's shears! Going back to the past, it started with four sisters and a slumber party.  With her curiosity and having the chance to experiment with colour, cutting and performing up-dos at a young age, Ashley found her enthusiasm.  She is now a Level One stylist who cuts with style and is a certified extension artist.  It's Ashley's story, sit in her chair and experience her creativity and passion.

Justine Han


 Justine is a Level One Stylist. She is passionate about cutting and styling, and thrives on helping clients look their very best. She believes that hair is a composition of not just a person’s total appearance, but also a reflection of an individual’s inner beauty. In addition to her styling experience, Justine’s educational background in fine arts and visual arts and her entrepreneurial experiences within fashion apparel have fostered an understanding of consumer trends and behavior and an eye for design. Throughout her various experiences, she is dedicated to delivering exceptional client service and developing deep client relationships.